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Mar 7, 2013 12:00am PST
wildly different policies and laws in place than we do right now. i will give you a quick example. i talked in this book about the -- about a hot topic that causes a lot of consternation which is vouchers. the idea that for low-income kids who would be trapped in failing schools, should they have the opportunity to take a voucher, a publicly funded voucher and attend a private school and people go nuts when you talk about this issue. when you hear them, the people who are against vouchers, they say you're taking money away from the schools that need it the most, you are only helping some of the kids, there is another feeling school that needs to get better, to look ate way you'd be etc. and i start from the prospect of saying you are a parent, and your house was zoned to a failing school and you have the opportunity to participate in a program that will allow you to take money and send your kid to a great private school, would you do it? there's not a person anywhere that i have met who said i would not keep my kid -- i would keep my kid in the filling school because it is better for
Mar 2, 2013 12:00am PST
provide corrective action so they understand. tavis: are already labeled. they are labeled by the law. >> goo dpoint. these young people need some counseling. we talk about role models. role models are not fixtures. they are people who provide something that changes or impacts your life. if there is nothing more than some advice and taking the time -- it is time consuming. i said earlier, it is about saving lives. if we criminalize our kids in our schools, everything is about a consequence. and a consequence create a paper trail that leads to something else. and oftentimes, the court cases, someone pulls back and says, what is their school record? schools should not be the first stage towards that journey. tavis: you used the word earlier -- culture. you said, i think i know you meant but my mind was trying to process. does he mean the culture inside the school or the culture in which they are raised and have to navigate every day? and it can mean either. talk to me about the culture, that broader societal culture you are up against that produces these kids. and how when they get to y
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2